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About Pintta Shoes

About Pintta Shoes

About Pintta Shoes: Meet the brand that conquered the fashion industry

Since the beginning, fashion has been an integral part of our lives. For many people, it is a way of expressing themselves, showing their style and personality to society. There are also visionary entrepreneurs who turn that passion into something amazing. A notable example is Pintta Shoes, a shoe brand that is causing a real stir in the fashion industry, as it has a unique design and unbelievable quality, revolutionizing the world of shoes.

Learn more about Pintta Shoes

First of all, the history of Pintta Shoes goes back to its founder's adolescence, when he had the opportunity to work as a model in Algarve, Portugal. This experience awakened his passion for fashion and, later, he was hired by one of the most famous stores in the country. There, he was responsible for selecting pieces from the collections of major international brands, such as D&G, Gucci and Armani. Thus, it was in this inspiring context that the desire to create something unique and special in the world of footwear was born.

How did it start?

Driven by his own creativity and the desire to leave his mark in the world of fashion, Luís had the idea of founding Pintta Shoes. This footwear brand is synonymous with originality and quality.

The birth of Pintta Shoes took place during a vacation trip through the north of Portugal, when the founder decided to look for a small artisanal factory to produce some shoe prototypes, according to his own preferences. He wanted to test these models and get feedback from the public. The results were impressive, and people were constantly asking, "Where did you get those shoes?"

This enthusiastic feedback was a clear sign that the founder had found his place in the fashion industry. However, he still needed to find a name for the brand. After days of intense research, inspiration came unexpectedly. A co-worker casually commented: "Contreiras, you have a lot of Pintta!" And so was born the name that captured the essence and personality of the brand's products. Pintta Shoes, a name that exude style and personality.

About Pintta Shoes: meaning

In Portugal, the word "Pintta" has several interesting meanings. In fashion, it represents style and class. It can also be a little ball full of color, like a filled circle, and that's why Pintta Shoes adopted this ball in its logo. Besides that, the brand's shoe models have cone-shaped pins that, when seen from above, form this "Pintta". In other words, each brand shoe is synonymous with style, elegance and has the unique personality of Pintta.

After preparing everything for the launch of the first collection, the founder of Pintta Shoes put some pairs on sale in two stores in Algarve. Success was simply incredible and overwhelming, so much so that he needed to make an important decision in his life. He left a job he had held for 22 years and dedicated himself completely to Pintta Shoes. Therefore, what started as a hobby suddenly became something serious, gaining a solid place in the fashion industry, both in Portugal and abroad.


An interesting story that illustrates how Pintta Shoes wins over its customers involved a customer who was in love with a pair of Pintta shoes that was on display in one of the stores. The problem was that the size he wanted had already sold out.

However, there was a surprising twist: The owner of the store was wearing the exact same pair! The customer was determined to buy those shoes and even asked the store owner to sell them immediately. So, this devotion is impressive and demonstrates how people fall in love with Pintta Shoes shoes!

Conclusion about Pintta Shoes

The founder of Pintta Shoes can be proud of the path he has taken, as he started as a model and ended up creating a renowned brand. His creativity, exceptional quality and incredible designs are driving Pintta Shoes to success in the fashion industry, gaining followers and customers around the world. It's a source of pure inspiration, something to fill your eyes and hearts with pride. Thus, Pintta is living proof that with passion, determination and originality, it is possible to leave your mark in the fashion industry.

Pintta Shoes is unique, because Luís leaves his mark on each pair of shoes and sneakers. He participates in everything, from the design to the choice of materials, colors, textures, soles and details. Best of all, he values local talent and works with experienced artisans, which makes every Pintta shoe unique and special.