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European shoe size for us

European shoe size for us

European shoe size for us: learn more on this topic

If you pay attention, shoe sizes are a huge confusion around the world and notice that mainly when we are online shopping or traveling, so it's important to understand the topic.

So, let’s brainstorm about European shoe sizes and how they fit (or don’t) the US scale.

It is size a document?

On one hand Europeans measure sizes with the Paris system, which is based on centimeters, so the number you see in the sole is the measurement of its internal space, your foot, in a way. On the other hand Americans use a measurement system called The Brannock and measures the foot in units called “barley points, that are plus or minus one-third of an inch, it does look very random…

Let's go to European Shoe Size Differences for Us

While in the US female and male sizes are the same, in America it’s not like that, a size 9 male it’s way bigger than a size 9 female, in the USA.

Size by Size

By comparison, we can conclude that a size 7, female,  in America it's 37/38 in Europe, and a male one it’s 39/40. But we can't draw these conclusions to the grave, since each brand and style have their own peculiarities, so it’s always better to try on the  shoes before you buy them.

Other European Shoe Size Measuring Systems for us

There is, also, a different shoe size measurement in the UK, do you see how confusing it can be?

Buying Shoes Online

European Shoe Size for Us - Pintta Shoes: If you pay attention, shoe sizes are a huge confusion around the world.

When buying online, the stores provide a size guide, helping us to identify our number, depending on the measurement system, some of them even provide their own conversion tables, that are, often, more accurate because they take into account the exact model of the brand

And there is also the width…

In addition to the size, we also have to pay attention to the width of the shoe. In some systems, such as the USA one, use letters to indicate it, in this case you see, for example an  9D or 9E, the D and E being the width.

To finish on the idea of the european shoe size for the USA one 

Making the conversion is a mess and it is only with trial and error that we can find the shoe that fits better, so, whenever you can , it’s better to try on the shoes before buying it, and when buying it online try to pay close attention to the conversion tables available and the customer reviews. Never forget what is most important : comfort, so choose something that feels good to wear.

The magic behind Pintta Shoes :

Did you know that the brand is all designed and runned by a single person? Yes, Luís Contreiras is that man. He has more than two decades in the fashion industry, with experience as a model and fashion consultant. His passion for fashion is present on every step of the creation and production of Pintta shoes and sneakers, everything has his personal touch.

From the initial draft to the choice of materials, colors, textures, soles and everything else, Luís is the one deciding everything, and when the time to get the hands dirty comes he only chooses local artisans , the very experienced ones in shoe production, valuing what is made in Portugal.

European Shoe Size for Us - Pintta Shoes: If you pay attention, shoe sizes are a huge confusion around the world.

All that was said before means one thing : That every single one of the shoes produced by Pintta is unique and special, besides, all of this started because Luís wanted to create something special and unique for himself, and ended up creating this incredible project that is Pintta Shoes. Luís himself says that's the secret of the brand.

Everything about Pintta Shoes makes it a super special project, it´s success lies in the combination of a passion for fashion and an appreciation for craftsmanship, and there is no way we can disagree with him.