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European shoes

European shoes

European shoes 

First of all, everyone likes shoes, and the european ones have a special charm

The wonderful world of european design

Before everything, Europe it’s famous for design, that’s not a secret. But have you ever stopped to think about the shoes? They are amazing , and not just because they are stylish.

European shoes - Pintta Shoes

Comfort and style in just one pack 

The union between comfort and style it's the central key in Europe. European shoes can be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Think about walking all day, now imagine doing that while on your feet it’s not in pain. That's what European shoes offer.

The beauty of diversity 

There is a big diversity in Europe, and that is reflected in the shoes. Each European country has their style, so every single one has something unique to offer.

The beauty of handmade work

We can’t forget about handmade work. Handmade shoes are common in Europe, they carry a history, a tradition. Every sewing, every detail tells a story.

The European influence in our shoes

The proof it in the details

Look for the details, the vibrant colors, the exquisite materials, that’s an European way of making things.

The comfort we love

Of course, we can’t forget about the confort. In the end, who doesn’t love a comfortable shoe? They are a part of our everyday life, they are with us in every step we make

The value in the artisanal

What about the artisanal? That shoe that is handmade, full of history, we value that! A lot! That’s something that comes from the europeans.

Pintta Shoes, a history of passion and art

Everything starts with one man! Luís Contreiras, He is not just someone that works with fashion. He breathes fashion. With more than two decades in the industry, as a model and consultant, his passion reflects in each step of the creative process.

Pintta Shoes is a reflexion of Luís

Before anything, Pintta Shoes it’s more than a brand, it’s the representation of Luís passion. Every model has his personal signature, from the sketch to the creation, everything is chosen by him, the materials, the colors, textures, soles, applications… Everything goes through his hands and eyes.

European shoes - Pintta Shoes

Values of Pintta Shoes

Pintta shoes values the artisanal work, no, in its production it always chooses for experienced local labor. That way the brand praises what it’s portuguese, Each shoe it’s made with care and attention to the details, making each piece special.

From personal taste to a magnificent project 

What started from a personal wish of creating something unique for himself became the magnificent project that is Pintta Shoes. Each shoe at Pintta reflects uís dedication to a soul. Do you know what 's the secret for the brand's success? Passion, Luiís lives fashion, he breathes it, that’s what make Pintta special.


It’s not just about buying a pair of shoes, it’s about starting a journey of discovery, exploring the cultural and stylistic  influences that shape every design and model. Understanding the subtleness that separates a handmade shoe and a mass product one. So, it’s about valuing the artisanal abilities that goes through generations, the love and details that each artisan puts in his work.

We finish here, now we understand more of european shoes, their influence in our shoes and the amazing history of Pintta shoe. When we talk about shoes we are not only talking about “shoes” , we are talking about passion, dedication and culture, that’s what makes every pair so unique and special. So, the next time you go looking for a pair of shoes, remember what you have learned, and enjoy every step.