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Pink shoes

Pink shoes

Pink shoes : when pink firmly steps up

The history behind Pink

We all have a color that makes us feel more powerful, elegant or simply comfortable. For many, that colors it’s pink. So, when we talk about pink shoes we are talking about a style affirmation that it’s both daring and refined.

From the cradle to the jump

It’s not news that pink is heavily associated with the feminine universe, but, over the years, this color transcended gender and became a symbol of strength, determination and auto expression to all. Do you remember the first time you saw a pink trainer? Or a pink heel that made your heart beat very strongly? It’s a magical sensation.

Pink in the fashion world

Pink Shoes - Pintta Shoes: We all have a color that makes us feel more powerful, elegant or simply comfortable. For many, that colors it’s pink.

In the fashion world it represents way more than a simple color. It evokes feelings, emotions and memories. Designers from all over the world have been playing with different tonalities and textures, creating pieces that are true art pieces.

But why shoes?

Shoes are, many times, the first thing we notice in someone.They have the power of transforming an entire outfit. When we talk about pink shoes we talk about a fashion declaration, one that says : “I’m here, I’m confident and I’m not afraid of showing who I’m”

The cultural impact of pink shoes

From fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe until contemporary artists, pink shoes have left their brand. They represent the fusion between tradition, modernity and the capacity of constant reinvention. 

Now, while many might think that pink shoes are just a passing trend, the truth is that they are here to stay. Like any good story, behind every piece there is a narrative full of passion, dedication and love for the art of shoemaking.

Pintta Shoes : Passion personified in every pink shoe

In the shoes universe there are brands that stand out, not only for the quality but because of the passion that is put in each piece. Pintta Shoes is one of those brands.

With over twenty years in the shoe industry, Luís Contreiras, the name behind Pintta, brought his vast experience as model and fashion consultant to the creation of each shoe. Here, we are not only talking of shoes, but of art pieces with his personal touch.

When we talk about Pintta it’s impossible not to mention the force behind the brand : Luís Contreiras. With over two decades in the fashion world, Luís reunites an impressive experience as a model and fashion consultant. But it is in the creation of shoes that his talent shines more brightly.

From the sketch to the creation, selection of materials, colors, textures and applications, everything is meticulously chosen by Luís. By always picking national handwork with experience in the artisanal production of shoes, Luís praises what is Portuguese, making every shoe a unique and special piece.

In a world where mass production is the ruler, Pintta chooses the other way. The brand stands out  for its dedication in using national handwork. This choice reveals not only the Portuguese expertise but also guarantees an unequal quality.

More than pink shoes : A Vision

Pink Shoes - Pintta Shoes: We all have a color that makes us feel more powerful, elegant or simply comfortable. For many, that colors it’s pink.

Maybe the secret it’s that. as Luís says the complete rendition of bosy and soul to each step it’s what makes Pintta so unique. What started as a wish to create something unique and special to himself became a magnificent project that it’s a reference in the fashion world.

Every shoe at Pintta it’s a testimony to Luís vision : a combination of fashion, functionality , and on top of it all, passion. And just like he frequently mentions, it’s this intense participation in every step of the shoe creation that makes Pintta different from all the other brands. 

So, the next time you put on that pink shoe you own, remember the passion and dedication behind every detail, because, in the end, every piece tells a bit of history, and yours is created with every step you take.

When you put on a Pintta shoe, you will be showing not only style. You will be showing history, vision and the dedication that testimony to the brand essence.