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Pintta Shoes: Women

Pintta Shoes: Women

Pintta Shoes: Women - The brand that conquered women

Pintta Shoes is a brand that started out making shoes for men, but decided to jump in and bring this incredible vibe to women as well. With the Pintta Women collection launched in 2020, they rocked and conquered the hearts of women with exclusive models full of feminine details and a touch of elegance.

Now girls can experience all the comfort and unique style of Pintta Shoes footwear.


Pintta started with a man, but as the name says, why can't women have PINTTA.
We created the first collection in 2020, with all the commitment and dedication that is always put in, the result was very positive, since then we have been introducing new models, always with very feminine details, such as the bows on the back, the higher soles of the sneakers than men's, as is the case with the ROCHA and PARIS models.

A New Approach: Pintta Shoes: Women

The people at Pintta Shoes believe that girls also deserve to have the best shoes on the market. So, they accepted the challenge and created an incredible collection just for women. Every detail of the models was thought with great care, taking into account what women today like and need. Because we know that style and comfort are essential to rock any occasion!

Feminine Details: Bows and Style at Pinta Shoes: Women

Pintta Shoes: Women: Pintta Shoes is a brand that started out making shoes for men, but decided to jump in and bring this incredible vibe to women as well.

Also, one of the coolest things about Pintta Women shoes is that they have super feminine details on each model. There are some delicate bows on the back of the sneakers that add a touch of charm and sophistication, leaving the feminine style up there. Therefore, these details are made with great care and combine perfectly with any look, both for everyday wear and for special occasions. It's a knockout!

High Soles: Elevating the Style

Pintta Shoes also stood out for putting higher soles on women's sneakers, giving a different touch compared to men's models. Pintta Women shoes have soles that not only provide comfort but also look super modern and chic. Thus, the ROCHA and PARIS models are perfect examples of this, combining style and height to take the feminine look to another level. It's a way to rock and stand out!

Comfort without Compromise

In addition to being super stylish, Pintta Shoes shoes are also super comfortable. The brand knows that it is essential to feel good while wearing shoes, so they focus on high quality materials and advanced technologies. Pintta Women shoes are designed with maximum comfort for women's feet in mind.

Therefore, the brand is concerned with creating shoes that can withstand shocks and can be used for long periods without leaving your feet in the lurch. That is, it is the perfect combo of style and well-being!

Versatility and Personality

The Pintta Women collection goes beyond casual sneakers. The brand has incredible options to meet all the needs and styles of modern women. It has everything from sports sneakers to more chic shoes, everything to adapt to every moment.

Each model is full of personality and authenticity, allowing women to show their unique style through the shoes they choose. Therefore, it is a form of expression that goes beyond fashion, it is pure attitude!

Impact Beyond Fashion

In addition to making amazing shoes in terms of quality and style, Pintta Shoes is also concerned with making a difference in society. The brand values social and environmental issues, adopting sustainable and ethical practices throughout production.

When you choose a pair of Pintta Women shoes, not only are you ensuring comfort and style, but you are also contributing to a more sustainable future. It's a way to be fashionable and do good at the same time!

Conclusion: Pintta Shoes: Women - The Power of Femininity

With the Pintta Shoes: Women collection, Pintta Shoes saw the perfect chance to meet the needs of today's women. They created shoes that have it all: comfort, style and personality. Feminine details and higher soles up the feminine look, making everything that much more stylish.

And best of all, the brand is concerned with quality and also with social and environmental issues, showing that it is a conscious choice. It's much more than just shoes, it's a way to express yourself and make a difference!

Thus, Pintta Shoes is firm in the belief that femininity is powerful and shoes are a form of personal expression. When women step out wearing a pair of Pintta Women shoes, they have a chance to stand out, feel confident and show the world their unique style.

Therefore, whether for a relaxing walk or a special occasion, Pintta Shoes is ready to accompany women on all their journeys, providing comfort, style and a touch of feminine elegance. It's a way to shine and show the world who you are!