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Pintta suggestions for Christmas

Pintta suggestions for Christmas

This Christmas surprise your loved ones with a gift full of Pintta!

Christmas is almost here and if you still haven't found the perfect gift to offer a friend or family member, Pintta presents three model suggestions.



Mexico boots are very comfortable and versatile, with a bold design.

It's the perfect winter model for a look with chino pants and a dark blue turtleneck, with a blazer in cream or brown tones and leather gloves.



Irreverent yet very comfortable, the Siena are perfect to wear with khaki chino pants, a white shirt and with a brown cardigan and honey colored blazer, with brown elbow pads and a pair of yellow gloves.



The Dallas can be worn with just the leather strap or just with the red laces. They go well with a look in shades of black – jeans and a black cotton shirt, black or dark gray wool blazer. You can add a scarf in shades of red and a red leather belt, matching the shoes.