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US shoe brands

US shoe brands

US shoe brands: learn more about it! 

US shoe brands 

In the USA exists a very wide range of styles, from models specifically designed for sports to very luxurious ones. We are going to talk about some famous and respected shoe brands that come from the USA : 

NIKE : The giant US Shoe Brand 

It's impossible to talk about footwear without mentioning NIKE, with headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. NIKE it's probably the most recognized sneaker brand in the world, with products with quality products that show innovation and designs. The variety of styles offered by Nike are very broad and cater to a huge variety of styles, lifestyles and sports, you can see both football players, basketball players and running using Nike. 

New Balance : Comfort and Tradition as a US shoe brand 

It combines comfort and tradition. It was founded in 1906, and it has a long and rich history in footwear. It's based in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers high quality and comfortable running shoes. It's one of the few companies that still manufactures shoes in USA soil , the brand it's very committed to local manufacturing and sustainability. 

Under Armour : Performance and tradition as a US shoe Brand 

Focusing in performance and innovation Under Armour it´s based in Baltimore, Maryland, at the beginning the brand focus was on sportswear, but in 2006 the entered the footwear marked, gaining a reputation for its high-performance footwear, now the brand produces a wide range of athletic shoes, from running to basketball. 

Converse : Iconic and versatile 

Converse is an American shoe brand with almost a century of history. Famous for the iconic Converse All-Stars, also known as “Chucks”, the brand has a wide range of casual and sporty styles. Although Converse is now owned by Nike, it has a unique identity and is loved by people of all ages. 

Cole Haan : Luxury and elegance 

This brand it's all about luxury and elegance, it was founded in Chicago in 1928 and stands for craftsmanship, quality and classic style. The products from Cole Haan include formal shoes and more casual ones too, you can always find the perfect one for each occasion.

 Red Wing Shoes : Durability and style 

Based in Red Wing,Minnesota, it has high quality and durable boots. It was founded in 1905 and manufactures boots for a wide range of industries, such as construction, manufacturing and mining. The brand also has other lines, not focused for industries, that are loved by fashion enthusiasts around the world. 

The list of USA footwear brands is extensive and each one has their own unique stories, styles and audiences, some are known for their performance, others for the style, for the quality and durability. Regardless of our needs or tastes, there is a USA show brand that can meet your needs. 

Pintta Shoes: Exclusivity and Passion as a USA Shoe Brand 

A brand that deserves the same prominence as the USA ones it 's Pintta Shoes, by Luís Contreiras. WIth more than twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, such as model and fashion consultant, Pintta Shoes was born from his love and dedication to fashion. 

Pintta Shoes creative process in itself is a reflection of Luís passion. Each pair of shoes or sneakers carries his personal touch - from the design to the creation, passing through the selection of materials, colors, textures, soles and applications. Everything is personally chosen by him, giving each model a unique touch. 

In terms of production, Pintta stands out for valuing local labor, with confidence in the experienced artisanal footwear manufacturing market. This choice enhances and values local production, giving an even more authentic character to the brand and its products. In fact, Luís dedication to each step of the creation process makes each piece unique and special. What started as a taste for creating something unique for himself, turned into this magnificent project that is Pintta Shoes. 

According to Luís himself, the secret of the brand's success lies in his passion and dedication to creating something that is much more than just shoes. Each Pintta shoe is an art object, a reflection of the passion that it ́s fashion and shoe design.

Like the other brands mentioned, Pintta Shoes has its own history, style and audience.Despite being a relatively new brand compared to f the others listed, our passion for fashion and quality makes the brand a worthy addition to the footwear industry.