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Trendy Shoes

Trendy Shoes

Trendy Shoes: The tendencies that conquered steps and hearts

The revolution in the world of trendy shoes 

It was always said that shoes can tell a lot about someone. They express style, personality and, obviously, tendencies. In this fashion world, that is in constant evolution, it’s hard not to lose yourself with so many models, colors and formats. But, here is the question, what makes a shoe really trendy?

What the feet tells us

If we stop to think about it, every era had their iconic shoe. And, in each era, the feet told a lot about the times and the people's preferences. From Luis XV heels in the aristocratic ballrooms, to the colorful sneakers from the 80’s and even today loafers, there is always a history behind a shoe. 

Trendy Shoes - Pintta Shoes. In this fashion world, that is in constant evolution, it’s hard not to lose yourself with so many models, colors and formats.

Current trends : More than fashion, a declaration

What we are seeing recently it’s more than just shoes following trends, is defining them. Sneakers, for example, the sneakers that went from being just sport shoes to becoming icons of fashion. With metallic details, exaggerated soles or unusual soles, they are more than simple shoes, they are a declaration of style.

Quality and authenticity : The soul of a shoe

But it’s not only on looks that a shoe thrives. Their quality and authenticity makes a huge difference. Is in this point that the specialized handwork, the right choice of materials and the passion come into play.

Pintta Shoes : The epitome of passion and dedication 

And talking about passion and dedication it’s impossible not to mention Pintta Shoes. The mind behind the brand, Luuís Contreiras has,not only, 20 years of experience as a model and fashion consultant, but also a personal involvement in each step of the creative and production process. He makes a point of having his personal touch on the shoes and sneakers. From the sketch until the choice of materials, colors, textures, soles and applications - he decides everything. 

Luís values the national quality and authenticity, he always hire portuguese workers with experience in the artisanal market of shoe production, praising what best the country has to offer.

The total surrender, body  and soul, of Luís makes every shoe at Pintta unique and special. What started as a wish to create something special to himself, became this magnificent project that is Pintta. Is in this passion, dedication and personal involvement that lays the secret for the brand's success. 

So, the next time you wear a shoe remember that behind every trend there is a history, a passion and a lot of dedication. And who knows, maybe your next pair is waiting for you here at Pintta!

The magic behind every step

For many, shoes are more than just simple accessories, they are a reflection of identity, unforgettable journeys and moments. Be high heels that mark a special occasion, comfortable sneakers that carry memories of travels or even that old, but favorite pair, that bring us back to a time that has long passed. 

By understanding the history and love behind brands like Pintta, we start valuing even more each detail. A shoe it’s not only an object of fashion but a trophy of dedication, passion and art. Luís and his team at Pintta are not only trendy shoe manufacturers, they are storytellers, dream architects and the protectors of an artisanal tradition that, unfortunately, is getting lost.

Trendy Shoes - Pintta Shoes. In this fashion world, that is in constant evolution, it’s hard not to lose yourself with so many models, colors and formats.


Concluding a reflection about shoes can be a bit unusual, but when we dive into the universe of shoes creation, we understand that they are way more than simple pieces of leather and fabric, são are witness of times, styles and lives. So, when we choose the right shoe we choose the narrative we want to leave behind us.

So, every time we put on a new pair, we are not only embracing a piece of fashion, but a whole history and world vision. So, choose your shoes não only for the design, but also for what they represent for the legacy they carry in each detail. It’s a simple, but powerful, way of giving meaningful steps on the stage that is life.